Daumenkino is a creative and technically minded production company specializing in digital film. Custom tailored to fit any brand or format, we deliver a complete product: development of a concept, shooting, film editing, compositing and sound design. Daumenkino, founded in 1999, has it´s headquarters in Berlin but is active worldwide.


With over a decade of experience we have successfully refined our skills and resources to produce beautiful images designed to make a strong impression. We have an eye for detail and aesthetics as well as a keen eye for technical developments in the film industry.

event & live-broadcast


For the anniversary of the Bread & Butter Tradeshow in summer 2011 we resorted to innovative camera technology. Taking advantage of the Sony F3 and its 35 mm Chip in a multi-camera setup, the show was mixed live and the front-row experience was played back on huge LED Walls. This aesthetic, high-quality, film-like experience was praised by the audience; Our client and members of our 40 person production team have yet to see an equal.

event & live-broadcast


Bread & Butter presented the fashion show “Denim Religion” in summer 2012 at the former airport Tempelhof in Berlin. Daumenkino transmitted the event live through satellite to the Tiergarten in Berlin. As a result, the exclusive opening party show was brought to hundreds of guests.


We were invited to make some impressions of Kenya by the "50 Treasures of Kenya Trust" a government organization in charge of tourism. We spent one month traveling all over Kenya with minimal baggage,  3 lenses, a Cannon Mark 3 and a Cineslider, the result was breathtaking images of a country known for it's nature, wildlife and culture.


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